Localised Curriculum

At St Pius X School students are at the centre of all teaching and learning. Each child is encouraged to be an active learner, using their prior experience to engage in learning.

Our school community has established strategic goals, which reflect the essential learning it believes children need to operate successfully as lifelong learners. These goals are embedded in the school’s charter and form the basis of learning in the school.

Learning intentions with learning outcomes give guidance to what we want our students to learn. Involving students in selecting authentic learning contexts, which reflect both the NZ Curriculum and the needs and interests of the children and the community, provides opportunities to identify and build on prior knowledge, develop strategies and apply knowledge, skills and attitudes that create lifelong learners.  

Literacy and numeracy remain at the foundation of all learning. Curriculum coverage is monitored by the Principal and staff to ensure the children do not miss out particular Essential Learning Areas, Curriculum Strands, Key Competencies or Vital Skills that they are required to cover. 

St Pius X School is currently working on our own Localised Curriculum that will bring The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) to life in our school for our learners.