Student Leaders

Leadership is encouraged and developed across all areas of the school. From the earliest age, there are many opportunities to take on leadership roles and explore individual gifts and talents. The younger students see this role modelled daily by older students and are keen to try different roles. Our weekly school prayer provides a regular opportunity to practise these skills, as do our regular liturgies and masses.

Our school leaders for 2022:

Cultural Leaders

Sebby Borrie, Millie Oxenham, Silei Ponga

Library Leaders

Cash Feek, Meya Luis, Emily Archer

Sports Leaders

Xanthe Hayes, Shayde Hanover, Jake Johnston, Tayne Rauner

Environmental Leaders

Quinn Griffiths, Nathan Manning

IT Leaders

Jessica Rabe, Tayla Hoskin, Jessie Redshaw, Cooper Lay

Young Vinnie Leaders

Libby Kerr, Lexie Connolly

Special Character Leaders

Maggie Cleaver, Harriet McMillian, Isla Wisnewski, Luke Berentson

Ruka House Leaders

Ruby Fabish, Neve Kerr

Hone House Leaders

Maggie Cleaver, Caden Yeow

Matiu House Leaders

Tagiilima Sofeni, Carter Lane

Maaka House Leaders

Sophie Straathof, Corey Te Huna-Matuku